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July 4th, 2013

The negotiation between Pinnacle Entertainment and Ameristar Casinos advances with giant’s step after that the Indiana Gaming Commission gave his approval. Thursday, the IGC approved the acquisition of the casino in the East Chicago of Ameristar Casino, a town of the state of Indiana, in the United States, by Pinnacle Entertainment. Note that the transaction of the two operators of casino was already approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board in last May and this new approval of the regulators of Indiana is already a great step for the acquisition of this property belonging to Ameristar since 2007.

The latter expects to end this transaction of $ 869 million during the third trimester of this year. In its purchase contract, Pinnacle Entertainment accepted to pay the debt of $ 1.9 million of the Ameristar Casino Hotel East Chicago. The amateurs of casino should find again in this new project, diverse games of slot machines and board games.

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July 27th, 2010

You are playing poker for a while or you are just a new player and you would like to know how the ranking works.

It is quite difficult to compare players because it exists a number of different tournaments with more or less of opponents. So there is a ranking rule for every tournament but if we want to know which one is the best, you just need to compare the total of rewards. At the end of the year or at the end of each tournament, a ranking is established and you will have an idea of the best poker player in the world through it.

I will list the ranking of every tournament and try to give you some statistics on each.

General ranking. As you can guess, most of the best players get it through the WSOP tournament and most of them are American.  15 on 20 best players in the world are American that it means that 75% of them are from USA. IT s quite easy to give an explanation, poker was born in USA and it became really popular for the rest of the world for the last 10 years but for America, they started it before.

1 Jamie Gold $12,068,751
2 Peter Eastgate $9,221,395
3 Joe Cada $8,535,649 4
4 Jerry Yang $8,250,000 5
5 Joe Hachem $7,978,884
6 Allen Cunningham $6,717,545 7
7 Greg Raymer 6,487,512,585
8 Ivan Demidov $6,487,512,585
9 Paul Wasicka $6,217,738 10
10 Phil Hellmuth Jr $5,961,355

The SWOP ranking: This one depends of your victories at the WSOP. Hard, really hard ranking.

1 Phil  Ivey $12,804,433 1
2 Daniel Negreanu $12,432,367
3 Jamie Gold $12,198,041
4 Phil Hellmuth Jr $10,941,556
5 Joe Hachem $10,856,216 7
6 Scotty Nguyen (VME) $10,955,581
7 Peter Eastgate $10,630,471
8 Allen Cunningham $10,386,211
9 Erik Seidel $9,793,375
10 T.J Cloutier $9,737,599

These are the main ones but after that you have a number of different ranking. You have the World poker tour; one of the tournaments that the Americans don’t lead but, 7 on 10 players are still USA.

In Europe, you have the EPT, in this one, the variety of nationalities is more important but it is still 3 Americans in it among the best players.

You have also the Aviation Club de France. It is a specific one and most of the tournament is won by one of the members. And every country (or almost) have their own ranking. You have the one with only women which Kathy Liebert leads with a record reward of $5,643,539.

But of course, if you are not professional is it quite difficult to have your place in these kinds of ranking. These are a lot of other ranking. If you play in a pub in England or everywhere, you can get your name of this quite of ranking. This one can be local (the pub), regional if you are good enough and national. It is probably an online ranking as well but for today I will stop myself now and get some more details for the next time.

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April 21st, 2010

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